About us

il01Civic association Romano Kher – Roma House is independent nongovernmental nonprofit organization bringing together individuals, experts and volunteers in order to implement and support projects and activities aimed in particular at educating children, teenagers and adults from a socially disadvantaged environment, people with disabilities, children from children’s homes, and members of minorities.

il02The aim of Romano Kher – Roma House is collection, processing and distribution the information, data, documentary films and publications about Roma for Roma and for mainstream society in order to better inform about Roma, strengthen the identity of Roma, create opportunities for cooperation in the promotion of human rights and freedoms and increasing the educational level of Roma for the improvement of coexistence of Roma and majority population in Slovakia.

il03The activities’ target group consists of teachers, students, children, journalists; local opinion makers from places where a higher number of Roma live; officials and employees of public institutions; professionals working with integrated and well as marginalized Roma.

Civic association Romano Kher – Roma House started its activities in 2007.

il04OKThe most important long-term projects of Romano Kher – Roma House are:

– Literary-art competition Colourful Life – Coloriskeri Luma for pupils and students of elementary schools in Slovakia, with aim to make students familiar with Romani history and culture and to motivate them in creative writing and drawing. The results of these activities are exhibitions and awards ceremonies for competition winners and participants;

– Systematic Newspaper and media monitoring with analyzes of Roma image in media, where on a basis of a sophisticated methodology and in co-operation with experts regular comprehensive qualitative and quantitative reports are published about articles depicting Roma in the national and regional media;

– On-line encyclopedia Romani database that gathers and publishes information about nongovernmental organizations and institutions, encyclopaedic codes about the Roma personalities, information about publications and research works focusing on the Roma, articles about events, projects, personalities, demographics, or culture.