About us

Name of organization: Romano Kher, Bratislava
Name of project: The Romani Documentary and Information Centre

The aim of organization
The aim of organization is collection, processing and distribution of the information, data, documentary films and publications about Roma for Roma and for mainstream society in order to better inform about Roma, strengthen the identity of Roma and strengthen educational level of Roma in order to improve coexistence of Roma and majority population.


Newspaper monitoring – watch-dog

The purpose of this activity is to draw attention of journalists to the published articles about Roma which are too often written or created incorrectly from the ethical, political and legal point of view.

The Romani database

The purpose of Romani database is to gather and publish information about nongovernmental organizations and institutions taking care about the Roma, encyclopaedic codes about the Roma, information about publications, diploma theses, research works focusing on the Roma and information about events organized by the Roma and/or majority for everybody.

Literary-art competition „ Colourful Life- Coloriskeri Luma

The Colourful Life- Coloriskeri Luma is a Slovak literary-art competition with aim to make students familiar with Romani history and culture and to motivate them in creative writing and drawing. The results of these activities are exhibitions and awards ceremonies for competition winners and participants.

Discussions and round tables

The two round table debates about pre-primary education of children from disadvantaged background was the result of Romano Kher initiative in this field. The round tables created forum for members of state and public offices and NGOs members. The results of these meetings were an open letter to the Ministry of Education, reports in TV and campaign for conclusions agreed on at the forum.